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Often you ask us what are the most recognisable places you should visit while exploring the island and... here you are! Just make sure that your phone or camera is fully charged and ready to take beautiful photos and videos!

Sete Cidades - Cerrado das Freiras

Whereas everyone is queuing at Boca do Inferno viewpoint, you can spot a marvellous view over Sete Cidades from Cerrado das Freiras viewpoint, and it's on the way down, to the village!

Lagoa do Fogo - Pico da Barrosa

When you are driving from the south side of Lagoa do Fogo, just a few meters before the Pico da Barrosa viewpoint there is a small carpark with this gorgeous view. What's more, from here you can also spot the North of the island!

Furnas - Pico do Ferro

Furnas is famous not only for hot springs but also its beauty and the best place to admire it is from the Pico do Ferro viewpoint! Simply take a turn from the main road and after a one-minute drive you'll be ready for another photo session ;)

Faial da Terra - Sanguinho village

If you love hidden spots, you should definitely go for it! While enjoying the trail to Salto do Prego, take a turn and follow the path to the UNESCO village Sanguinho. Not only you will change the linear hike into a circular one (more fun ;)) but also from here you can see the view over the valley of Faial da Terra village.

Santa Iria viewpoint

Whenever driving through the northern part of São Miguel, stop at Santa Iria viewpoint where you can enjoy both western and eastern coastline of the island.

There are much more stunning places to visit - make sure you book a stay with us so that we can share with you also some secret spots!

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