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Updated: Apr 9

When on São Miguel Island there are some must-see places which are visited by every traveller: Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo, Furnas... but there is much more to see and with almost no effort you can find yourself surrounded by abundance of spectacular flora, magical fauna and empowering nature vibrations! Let's have a look at only a few of those secretly hidden gems which definitely deserve more attention ;)

Azores waterfall


Sao Miguel Waterfall

On São Miguel island at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries began the era of industrialisation. One of the main aspects of this time was production of electricity. The area of Àgua de Alto consists of several places of a great historical importance, which explain the role of water flow as one of the renewable sources used for the production of electric energy. Following a pipe used for water distribution, you can find a very tranquil area with a charming waterfall which is called Cascata do Segredo - a Secret Waterfall. Don't question why we decided to include it in this article!


If you go a bit further, you will reach ruins of one of a few electric plants which were operating in this area. What is spectacular, is a huge waterfall behind Fábrica da Vila electric plant - a perfect place to sit down and stop for a moment. However, this waterfall often disappears - you need to be lucky to see it. Therefore, it's a true gem of the island!

Waterfall Sao Miguel


Waterfall Sao Miguel

Another waterfall worth visiting thanks to its serenity is Salto do Prego, which can be translated as "spike jump" or... "nail biting"! But please, although you can admire it both from the bottom and the top, don't try to jump here. Instead take a dip and immerse yourself in the crystal clear (and coldish) water. You need to hike for around an hour to get here and the experience you get will fully reward your effort. What's more, you'll not meet here any instagram influencer ;)


Sanguinho village Sao Miguel

When inhabitants of the village of Faial da Terra experienced recurring flooding, those relatively wealthy decided to build Sanguinho - a village located approximately 170 meters above the ocean level and used for a brief "exile". However, with time, difficult living conditions as well as emigration to the U.S.A. and Canada has put an end to the village. Nowadays, partly restored, Sanguinho gives you a thrilling feeling of a scary movie, where, out of nowhere, you begin exploring an abandoned old village. If you are looking for a tranquil, deserted place, Sanguinho is a perfect choice!


Ribeira dos Caldeirões on the northern part of the island is pretty known due to perfect conditions for canyoning. With its massive waterfall just next to a parking lot it gives a breath-taking experience, however... not everyone knows that this waterfall is artificial and was created by locals! If you'd like to explore a natural waterfall, follow a small path on the right and after 6-7 minutes of walk you'll reach a much smaller waterfall but with incredible atmosphere!

Waterfall Sao Miguel

Those are just a few gorgeous spots to check when you visit the São Miguel Island. If you want to learn more, book a stay with us and let yourself explore secrets gems... with our little help ;)

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