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Updated: Apr 5

If you think that the best time to visit the Azores is summer time, we can surprise you! You can enjoy the Azores all year round. Check our pro tips on exploring São Miguel and make your visit unforgettable!

Sao Miguel Island


The end and the beginning of the year is the best time for hikers - if you are fond of following hiking trails, exploring the jungle and enjoying tranquillity of nature, you should definitely consider coming during this period of the year. The summer time is over that's why those months tend to be less busy. Keep in mind that weather conditions are more variable than in the summer so bring a rain jacket and waterproof shoes. Regardless the weather, we have hot springs and honestly this is the best time of the year to fully enjoy them!


Whale watching

The period between March and the beginning of June is considered to be the best for whale watching. Many migratory species pass through the Azores on their way to the North so you have a chance to spot not only our resident species, like the sperm whale, which are here all year round. This time of the year can be as hot as the summer time, reaching even 27-29°C and at the same time as chilly as so called "winter time" with temperatures around 14-17°C. Thanks to this you can experience the Azores as they are :)


July, August and September are the driest and hottest months. During this time you can change the hot springs to a dip in our amazing ocean-fed pools and relax on a dark sand beaches. This is the busiest time of the year. During summer we advise to book your activities in advance, such as restaurants or sightseeing, that's why we organise tours and Family Dinners exclusively for you, our Guests, so that you can be covered - just let us know in advance that you would like to join!


Sao Miguel Island

October and November are a little quieter regarding number of Travellers. Also the weather can be lovely. It's a perfect time to enjoy the Azores in a more peaceful mode, still with good weather conditions and in a more hassle free way than during the summer time.

Check also our post about different festivities taking place on São Miguel island!

Whatever the time of the year, you can truly enjoy the Azores.

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