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Updated: Apr 5

It is fundamental to sharing our message and connecting with you in the best possible way. That is why we decided to refresh our brand identity and highlight everything we are known for!

Out of the Blue Logo

The result is astonishing and all this is thanks to incredible work of all our Family Members! A very deep insight into our core values, which are expressed on a daily basis in everything what we do, was the base and starting point for the new brand design.


Many of you have already experienced Out of the Blue as a social oasis built on human connection, creative passion, inspiring nature, and unforgettable experiences. This is because we are more than a hostel — we are a home away from home!

Our concept is very organic: to provide wonderful and comfortable accommodation in a beautiful setting surrounded by the best people, delicious food and extraordinary opportunities. Whatever your desire, our passion is to ensure that your experience is unique and yours.

We strive to be as authentic as possible about who we are; we channel the vibrancy of life and embrace the unexpected — after all, we are Out of the Blue!


While our main focus is to provide you with the best hospitality possible, we always try to do more — from sharing island insights, organizing amazing events, inspiring tours, preparing delicious food, to having dynamic conversations and artful moments. We make sure that each stay is filled with endless possibilities!

Out of the Blue Team

At its core, Out of the Blue is about community, our Guests and our Family of co-workers, but also the Azorean community at large. Supporting local businesses, sourcing local produce and using sustainable practices are just some of the ways that we build and maintain our community values.

We push the boundaries of what is expected from a hostel. Our unique Out of the Blue Family that keeps growing and changing brings fresh life and new ideas to our home.

We embrace change, the unexpected and the unknown. In the face of difficulty we remain optimistic, we approach every problem like an opportunity to learn and grow. We love to smile, laugh and have a good time and if there is ever a bad day there is always gin and... dominoes!


The heart and spirit of our hostel are playful and full of love, while our surroundings are organic and distinguished. It is important to capture the essence of the hostel while acknowledging the influence of the island. Our visuals are a contrast between natural and man-made, bright and subtle, playful and refined. A perfect balance that mirrors our mission, vision and values.

Out of the Blue Logomark


A logomark is a symbol used to express brand. A circle represents a group of persons sharing a common interest or revolving about a common center, whereas a wave depicts a sudden occurrence of or increase in a phenomenon, feeling, or emotion.

Together these ideas encompass both our mission and vision as an innovative brand built on community, experiences, passion and always an element of the unexpected.


Our colours give visual representation to our personality. They are a reflection of our passion and quirkiness as well as the natural beauty and splendor of the island. We don't use blue because that would be too obvious ;) We are innovators of hospitality and our brand colours reflect that same spirit of curiosity and imagination.


The Pink color palette is bright, bold and playful, which works in spreading a message of community within the guest rooms and also is effective in standing out throughout the hostel to help Guests identify informational notices.


The Green color palette is fresh, nurturing and peaceful. This is appropriate for the private rooms where Guests may be searching for a little more tranquility and autonomy.

Out of the Blue Colours Palette


Our main font is tall and sophisticated without being stuffy, thanks to its flourished details. Inspirational hints of calligraphy create a sense of nostalgia while the absence of serifs are distinctly more modern. The result is a unique typeface that has many expressions all at once — complimentary to both the hostel and the island.

Our supportive font has clean lines that give clear legibility and don’t distract from the main wordmark. The playful counters of the lowercase A lends a sense of playful spontaneity throughout bodies of text.

Out of the Blue Typefaces


During the process of refreshing our brand we also decided on a short and memorable phrase which will convey our brand values.

Our aim was also to encourage you to participate in everything what you can imagine and, at the same time, express not only our spirit but also yours!

Out of the Blue Tagline

Let's be adventurous ignites curiosity and sparks a desire for new discoveries. It's inclusive, it's social and embodies the drive to try new things, meet new people and welcome the unexpected!


Out of the Blue has a lot of vibes which blend with vibes of our Guests :) Only by visitting us you can experience the full Out of the Blue which we highly encourage you to do!

Contact us directly to plan your next holidays or simply hit BOOK NOW button.

See you super soon in the Azores!

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