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Updated: Apr 5

We understand what a hassle it can be, when it comes to choosing a place to stay. That's why, below, you can find our suggestions what you should take into consideration before pressing the "book" button!

Out of the Blue House


Probably not many of you consider this question as the first to answer, however we know how important it is to stay in surroundings which meet your expectations. If you are travelling with kids, you should check if the place offers additional amenities to make your stay more smooth, such as security measures, necessary equipment as well as services dedicated to kids (kids club, mini disco, animation, activities for teens).

On the other hand, if you are travelling alone or with a partner, friends, and would like to rest in a quiet and at the same time vivid atmosphere, probably you will look for accommodation which is an "adult only".

Here, at Out of the Blue you can be sure that you will rest properly because... unfortunately our home does not have proper facilities to accommodate children. Therefore, what you can expect, are mostly international solo travellers and couples willing to share experience often... forming groups for a more unforgettable way of exploring the island :)


Out of the Blue Garden

Generally, by accommodation, we understand a room with bed and a bathroom. But it can be much more! Even if you are planning to leave early in the morning and come back in the evening, spending the whole day away, you can make your stay much more rewarding!

At Out of the Blue we are known for an extraordinary approach. We always try to do more: from providing island insight, inspiring tours, delicious food, dynamic conversations and artful moments. We make sure that each stay is filled with endless possibilities!

This is enriched by our facilities: spacious garden with sunbeds and hammocks, eco-friendly outdoor pool, everyday cleaning service and... extremely delicious and varied breakfast (according to our Guests!).


Nowadays we all know how important the rating is. But did you know that five stars can differ from... five stars?

Not only the final score is important but also the number of reviews which it is based on. What would you believe more: a rating based on 22 reviews or the same rating based on 100?

As Out of the Blue Family we are happy to have not only high Guests' rating but also a very solid one: 9,3/10 on Booking (based on over 900 reviews), 9,9/10 on Hostelworld (based on over 600 reviews), 4,8/5 on Google (based on over 400 reviews). And we keep going! :)

Out of the Blue Vibe


They are the best source of information about the place which you are going to visit. Don't stop just on the first 3 of them - instead, go deeper. Check if you can find information which is repeated on and on - this means that it's more than true! Also, verify posting date: within one year the place could change a lot (regarding facilities, staff, overall experience). Check the most recent ones and don't be scared to use translator if needed: all of us, based on our background, nationality, have different point of view which is crucial in making a final decision.


Nobody wants to stay on the outskirts. It is much easier to be always in the centre ;) However, with local night life, choosing the main square or closest streets might not be the best idea...

Fortunately, Out of the Blue is located away from all pubs and clubs in one of the most silent streets of Ponta Delgada but still just 1 minute walking distance to the closest pub and only 4 minutes walking distance from the main city square. How great is it!


One of the final steps we recommend is checking what does your accommodation includes in price. Breakfast, free and fast Wi-Fi, complimentary towels and toiletries (this lets you leave some space in luggage for souvenirs ;)), hairdryer, iron...

At Out of the Blue we cover all of them!

Browse our website to learn more about, feel free to email us or simply BOOK NOW for the best deal with direct reservation!

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