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Updated: Apr 5

What else can you do on São Miguel island in the Azores? There are plenty of possibilities!

Azores Whale watching

Those of you who have already heard about the Azores most probably would plan hiking, whale watching and possibly tasting delicious local cuisine ;) But the Azores are much more than that! Explore below what other activities you can include in your lifetime escapade!


Azores Hiking

On São Miguel you can find nearly 30 hiking trails, the most among all the islands of the Azorean Archipelago! If you are not sure where to start with, you can easily explore the island with us and get the inside scoop! Our lovely tour guide Lidia will take you to various spots depending on the time of year, the weather, and your interests! Join us in an electric van and together we'll make the most of every experience. For more information or to sign up, contact us via email or ask our friendly reception staff :)


Those of you who are adrenaline lovers should definitely try climbing! In a middle of a volcanic wall forest both beginners as well as experienced climbers will face a new challenge to climb and take part in a great fun adventure! You can do upper rope climbing as well as metal-lead climbing. With our partner Fun Activities you can be sure of the highest quality as well as enjoy pick-up and drop-off from and to your accommodation. Check their website for more details!


Rediscover cycling! With incredible fauna and flora around you and breath-taking views, biking on São Miguel island is a perfect activity adventure for nature lovers!

With over 20 specially prepared routes (which you can find here), both easy ones as well as more demanding ones, you can be sure of a plentiful marvellous moments and a feeling of a great achievement by the end of the day! If you want to discover the island on a bike with a qualified guide, check Fun Activities website for the best biking experience.


Azores Canyoning

On São Miguel island you can also explore beautiful rivers and waterfalls when canyoning! This is one of the most thrilling and fun experiences you can have, especially when trying different techniques such as jumps, rappel, and slides! In this way you can reach not only the most stunning natural monuments but also many untouched landscapes! If you want to jump into natural pools, abseil down waterfalls and enjoy some waterslides, check Fun Activities website for a vast variety of canyoning activities!


If you want to discover some of the most beautiful hidden gems on the island, you definitely need to go on kayak excursion along the coast of São Miguel! In this way you can explore high cliffs, bays, small caves, unknown sand beaches, and who knows what else! ;) It is also possible to kayak in some of the famous volcanic lagoons! You should also try picturesque Vila Franca do Campo Islet, where with our partner FunActivities you will not only explore hidden caves but also do some snorkelling! Check their website for more details!


As you can guess, this activity is all about the coastline, bays and caves! If you are ready for exciting jumps from remarkable cliffs, some moments of controlled climbing, dives, and a refreshing swim directly in the ocean, coasteering is just for you! We do recommend our partner FunActivities who have a great experience in coasteering and will take care of you from throughout the whole activity. Explore mysterious caves, scramble on the rocky volcanic terrain, and dive into the ocean!


Azores Surfing

What is extraordinary about surfing conditions here is that the temperature of sea water varies between 15C (59F) in winter and 26C (78,8F) in summer which makes surfing very enjoyable all year long! You can surf both in the north as well as south and what's most important - it's always possible to find offshore surf conditions! If you want fully experience surfing in the Azores, we highly recommend our partner Salt Lips Surfcamp - they will take care of you regardless if you are a beginner or advanced Surfer! And if you're interested just in surf classes, get in touch with BlackSandBox!


Are you a fan of underwater wildlife and snorkelling enthusiast? If so, you should definitely visit the Azores! The marine ecosystem of São Miguel has a huge diversity of species that can be found in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Macaronesia region. There are plenty of snorkelling spots awaiting you: shallow ones with stunning rock formations - a perfect shelter to a great diversity of marine species, as well as deeper areas such as the "Dori" shipwreck! Check our partner Season Challenge website for more information.


If you have already tried snorkelling or simply you want to go deeper, scuba diving is an excellent option to go for! Breathe underwater and explore all range of creatures living away from our day-today hustle and bustle ;) With our partner Season Challenge you can explore the underwater world with the correct training and direct supervision of PADI Professionals. Get ready for a range of dives along the wall of the islets as well as on the reefs and visit "Olympia" shipwreck located between 30 and 50 meters of depth! Check Season Challenge website for more details.


Azores Dolphing

Everyone who comes to the Azores has on their to-do list whale watching. And we are not surprised! Within the Azorean Archipelago the marine wildlife can be observed all-year-round - during summer many species pass by São Miguel, whereas during winter time you can still spot our lovely residents: Sperm Whales together with 3 additional cetacean species. Go onboard with our partner Picos de Aventura who are one of the best in revealing secrets of sea life in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean! And if you are brave enough to go into the ocean, it is also possible to swim together with dolphins! Sounds like a paradise, doesn't it? ;)


São Miguel is well-known for the largest colonies of Cory’s Shearwater and Roseate Terns and together with other species, starting with marine birds, through migratory species and finishing with rare American vagrants, our island is a must-see spot for all of you who are interested in birdwatching! Go on this fascinating journey with Terra Azul and find out why so many birds find the Azores as an oasis to breed and raise chicks!


Azores Paragliding

Do you know that the area of Sete Cidades has been elected as one of the 60 most beautiful sites of free fly in Europe? Throughout the whole year you can fly over the volcanic craters, dark sand beaches and marvellous cliffs, and if you are a beginner, there are many local companies offering tandem paraglide with an experienced pilot. Check the famous Azorean landscapes with a bird's eye view - a lifetime experience!

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