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Updated: Apr 5

Have you asked at least once to work from home? If so, you should be familiar with terms such as hybrid work and bleisure travel. Nowadays the growing influence of technology makes professional and personal lives blend even more. This brings new opportunities to work from any place in the World. Check how you can make it happen in the Azores!

Bleisure Travel with Out of the Blue


If you are heading to the Azores for a work trip, don't hesitate to add a weekend or even a week to your agenda. This hybrid combination is called "bleisure travel", also known as "bizcation".

The Azores is one of the most appealing destinations and makes it a perfect place to blend your business travel with leisure time!

Private Room

At Out of the Blue you can make the most of your stay: cosy yet minimalistic private rooms a perfect choice to get a proper sleep and recharge your batteries. By joining our tours you make sure to discover not only the must-see places on São Miguel but also its secret gems - without any hassle, just let us know at reception. In the evening you can enjoy food at Taberna na Boavista which will feed your soul and your stomach while sharing experiences with other Guests! Join the bleisure movement and book your stay with us!


Working remotely can blur the line between home and office. Answering emails from a kitchen table or from your favourite sofa changes the way we look at our job - we want to feel "warmer", more welcoming, experiencing family atmosphere...

Out of the Blue House

Fortunately, Out of the Blue brings this touch of home, making it a perfect place to remote work! Exceptional blend of amazing Travellers from around the World and Staff fills our place with warm, family vibe. Fast 500Mbps internet connection, living room with bean-to-cup coffee machine and spacious garden gives all what you need to efficiently deliver your objectives.

And as some say that no place can replace one's home, at Out of the Blue you will gain a new one!

Interested in joining our co-living and co-working vibe? Let us know by sending a message here and see you super soon in the Azores!

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